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Quick Guide to Playing in Team 45 45 League

Attention T-98 players. Because we lost our mail forwarding service we must make maximum use of ICC messaging. These are the requirements to play:

  -  All Players must set their ICC accounts to send messages to their e-mail (Type:  /set messmail=1). Also, Players must check the Game Forum Daily,

  -  Team Captains must communicate with their players by personal e-mail and copy Rgadoury on each Roster or Board Assignment change.

  -  The Game Forum shall be used for all scheduling and updated as needed.  The Team4545 Bot is still active and should help start games.

T-100 and following: Significant rules change - Section 4.E.v (cheating) has been revised in its entirety.  A must read for past, present and future members. (Click underlined to read)

JoiningScheduling the GamesAt Game TimeQuestions?Sample Game Forum

Before Joining.   Is this type of event for you?

  • This is a six week tournament (up to eleven weeks if your team qualifies for the playoffs).
  • See Tournament schedule.
  • Play one game each week.  Time control:  45 45!  
  • Each game is played at a time agreed to by the players. You must be available for a wide range of times each week, preferably much of the weekend, to participate in the scheduling of your game, and then to play a game that could last three or more hours.
  • Forfeited games (such as not making offers to your opponent to schedule your game, or not showing up to play) reduce your eligibility for future participation.
  • You must treat everyone with good sportsmanship and courtesy. Keep all league communication clean and family-friendly.
  • Notice.--All league communications, in e-mails and forums, must be conducted in English. Posts in other languages will not be accepted.
  • Players cannot be using MenuSpeak if they wish to play in the league, as it limits communications including messages and match commands.

More about:  the tournament    forfeits

If you join, you must also read the complete: Players' Handbook


Join.  To play, Do All three steps:

  1. First, sign up to play, by submitting a profile at the Player Menu.  (You must have 20 rated standard games to sign up. Warning: do NOT use the 15 or 45 pool buttons; those games don't count!)
  2. At the Login page fill in handle and password and Login. New members fill in handle and click Create; a password will be sent to you as an ICC message
  3. Next, find a team to play on.
    See these ideas for finding a team.
  4. Also,  " g-join Team4545League"   as a command on ICC.  This allows you into channel 345 on ICC, so you'll see what goes on, and where you can ask questions.

See when entries open:  The Schedule page or here

More about:  Reliability Ratings   Fixed Ratings

Bookmark the Team 45 45 League home page

Attention chess teachers and titled players. For the T93 Open section, if you wish to play or field a team and do not have an established ICC standard rating (20 or more games), you may enter using your USCF or equivalent rating. Enter that rating, eg, USCF 2170 in block 4 of the profile, or in your ICC finger notes, or both.

Scheduling your games

One 45 45 game each round.  One round per week.  Round pairings begin each Tuesday, at 17:00 (all times refer to ICC time).  You then negotiate with your opponent to agree on a day and time to play.

Before each Tuesday, tell your captain whether you are available to play in that round.  Captains submit the team lineup to the league prior to 17:00 on Tuesday. Pairings are posted to the website after 17:00.

When the pairings are posted, sign into the Game Forum, click "Reply," and tell your opponent some days and times you would like to play your game. Offer at  least three specific and distinct times, on at least two days.  It helps to include a span of a few hours on weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday).

If your opponent has already made offers, click "Reply," and either accept one of his offers, or make at least three offers of your own. Continue replying promptly, until an agreement is reached.

See this Sample Game Forum

Read more in the complete Player Handbook. See also FAQ 38 - Game not scheduled – How TDs rule



First Offer Deadline: Everyone is expected to make their offers within about 24 hours of forums being opened. If you have not made, or accepted, any offers by 22:00  Thursday, your options will be limited to accepting one of your opponent's offers. 

Offer-or-Forfeit Deadline:  If you missed the first deadline, you have until Friday 22:00 to accept one of your opponent's offers, instead of making your own offers.   If you don't, you forfeit the game.

You must show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time, or forfeit the game.

Rescheduling the game time is allowed ONLY if both players agree to do so BEFORE the end of the grace period.

More about scheduling the game.

More about using the Game Forum.

All times refer to ICC Server time

What to do at Game Time:

Show up on time. Set noescape to 0. As soon as you and your opponent are on line the bot will issue you a challenge. Just accept the challenge and the game will start.

If the bot does not issue the challenge for you, match your opponent for the assigned colors, 45 minutes and 45 seconds increment. /Match <opponent> 45 45 r (rated) w or b (your color). Play and enjoy! 

Not allowed: takebacks, moretime, excessive draw requests, unwanted communications to your opponent, computer assistance, or outside influence.

You do not need to report your game results. Automation will collect your game and post it into your Game Forum. Check to make sure it's there, and ask for help if needed.

More about: what to do at game time.

More about ICC commandsneeded.

Grace Period is 30 minutes, for unpreventable problems only.   Forfeit is automatic at 30 minutes, no matter the reason.

Disconnections:  After 15 minutes, the waiting player has three choices.

ICC Server Issues: Go to the backup server, and communicate in your Game Forum

Questions? Problems?

Now that you have the basics of league play, read the player handbook for many more useful instructions!

If you still run across a question, there is a lot of help around.  Ask for help if needed before something becomes too complicated to solve.

1 - Stay informed!  Add and stay in channel 345, and uncensor the bot accounts (team4545 and Team4545League)

2 - Check Player Handbook and the FAQ's.

3 - Talk to your team. You got their email addresses when the team was entered.

4 - Post a question for your TD in the Game Forum.

5 - Ask in channel 345.

6 - Send an e-mail to questions@team4545league.

7 - Ayuda en espanol: guía rápida, VictorRed

8 - More League contacts.

Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC