Team 45 45 League

Team 45 45 League

Serious Chess and Team Spirit on the ICC

Team 45 45 League provides team competition to internet chess players who like slow time controls, on the premier place to play chess on the net, the Internet Chess Club.  Join the friendly but serious competition and team spirit for players of all ratings!

Questions?  Start by reading the Quick Guide, then learn more in the Player Handbook and the FAQ .                                                                                                                   

Hello Leaguers,

It is with a heavy heart that we wish to let you know the League is going to pause going forward. Tournament 101 will not begin as usually expected. We understand that ICC will be making changes very shortly, (for the time being) including no ICC messages and no ICC bots. This should be a work in progress and we will see how things evolve over time. Additionally, our League database/system needs renovation and that will take some time as well.

We will keep our Leaguers informed when there are any relevant changes to report.

Regards, DaveTheRook, Rgadoury Chesskix

Note1.- T100 will finish all play. ICC will award the usual prizes. T101 will be posted so that final league ratings and other records can be displayed.

Note2.- BIRDSMAN, fileman, Rookmaster and Tjet played in T-1 and in T-100!

Note3.- fhunfi has created a group on Lichess for ICC Slow Chess Players to stay in touch when ICC starts the transition:




T-100 - Round 10 Championship Playoff Match Under Way

Three sections determined winners in Playoff 2; STC Silver in Arbor, Valar Morghulis U1650 in Aquatic and Fishers of Men-Redeemed in Planetary. In the Erg section Fishers of Men-Kings Army and Valar Morghulis U1500 tied their match, forcing a championship tiebreak match in P3. 

                             T-100 -  Games Of The Week

Click the highlighted round number for link to game. Go to GOTW to see all nominated games, all rounds, all tourneys for more detailed guru commentary.

Megasus continues as our GOTW guru. If only one or no nominations in a round, the guru will also choose a game from all the games he looked at from all sections, entitled Guru's Pick (GP).

R1 ChessG2011 0-1 sdcohle - Well-played game where W was dominating space but Black sacs pawns in order to gain a K-side advantage; one eventually breaks thru. W may have still pulled out a draw, but it didn't happen. Most entertaining game to watch.

R2 clarinetref 0-1 KingofknightsEarly trading gets us into an endgame before move 20 where Black loses a R almost immediately. W appears to have a winning ad, but careful play forces a turn of fortune; Black gains a pawn ad while dodging mating attempts from W's Rs. The comeback made it more entertaining to watch live.

R3 kabrinda 1-0 WillC - W takes a path against the Scandinavian that few have tried, sets up pawn position that controls the middle, and keeps it for most of the game. The trading is done evenly, but W gains better position with each trade. The Q Trade results in W turning one of his middle pawns into a passed one. Black can't stop it or get his own Q fast enough.

R4 garytd 1/2 fireball - Not the prettiest game of the week, but a hard-fought struggle that must have been tense and nail-biting to watch live. With several momentum switches involved, neither had a clear winning advantage until after W loses all his pawns; and yet the position allows W to have Nerves of Steel and use just R and K to stall Black's advance for another 30 moves, until the Draw is evident. 

R5 kabrinda 1/2 GilguliAn aggressive game early that becomes a tactical dogfight. W has to take risks with his K in order to counter being a pawn down. Both had winning chances until close to the end when we are down to each player's last piece; W must promote to a N in order to avoid being Mated. From there a tense struggle becomes a Draw. 

R6 Gojira 1/2 PortolaA game that had no playoff position on the line but it stayed in book for almost 20 moves, had a distinct mid-game phase, and then a long Q endgame. Some moves could be debated, but that made for a tense game fun to watch live. We are forced into a draw that neither player seemed to want.

P1 room-matt 1-0 zugknightlyA Key Game in U1750 as it set the tone for the other 3.. W uses Kside pressure to open up some avenues into Black's Kside defense. W gains a pawn ad, and then makes it 2. W controls more space but Black's Qside pressure makes it difficult to proceed. W draws Black into trading both Rs for his Q , in order to pave the way for the advance of W's pawnchain on Qside. 

P2 Salvatore 0-1 fireballThe key game in U1650 this week. After Black trades for W's B pair he opens up f column, using that to trade Rs and split W's forces. W tries to divert Black from his attack and almost evens the game, but a forced trade gives Black a Piece advantage in the endgame that W has little hope of countering. 



What we are about


Sections for Teams of Experts, Novices, and Between!

Four to five players band together as a team, and compete in divisions of 4 – 7 teams in one of four ratings sections.  One round is played per week, for six weeks, from Tuesday to the following Tuesday.  Before each round, each captain decides which four players will play that week against players from the opposing team.

Paired players use a message board ("Game Forum") to discuss the day and time to play their game.  The game is played with a time control of 45 minutes + 45 second increments, rated, with assigned colors. After the round, the team with the most wins (Game Points) wins the round, and earns a Match Point. After six rounds of regulation play, the team with the most Match Points in each Division advances to the playoffs (1-4 more rounds) to determine the Section champions. Division and Section champion teams each earn one-month account extensions donated by ICC.  To join, follow the steps in:  Quick Guide.

Play fair and Play nice!

To ensure a friendly and safe environment for members to enjoy our team competition, Team 45 45 League issues sanctions of varying severity for behavior that "disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of the league by its participants." All league games are reviewed for possible assistance. Anyone who receives a red card for suspected cheating is reported to speedtrap.  League sanctions are summarized in The Docket.


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